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  • 2020
  • 06/23/20 06:26AM - Ozark Fence
    Hi there, I'm employed by the owner of Ozark Fence. I've been tasked with cleaning up some of our business listings and I was hoping you could help out. We recently had a change in our business information and I was wondering if the change could be reflected with our website listing on your site? Correct info are given below: Business Name: Ozark Fence Website https://ozarkfence.com Business Address: 1150 E. 66th Ave.Denver, CO 80229. Phone(303) 202-1000 And here is the link to the listing on your site we're looking to update: https://20fix.com/experts/19372/ozark-fence-inc Please let me know if you have any questions or need further verification, feel free to give the business a call at (303) 202-1000 to verify our details. Best regards, Karen Huelsman
    Thanks for contacting us! Amazing fences, amazing service! Your information has been updated: https://20fix.com/experts/19372/ozark-fence If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us: contact@20fix.com Thanks!
  • 05/27/20 04:47PM - sam Attenberg
    Old and inaccurate info. We moved over a yr ago to 7005 Lavender Way, in business licensed 16 years. Do both larger residential interior and exteriors, hotels, auto dealerships, office buildings see our profile on TT.
    Thanks, Sam! Please send us an updated information related to your business page and we will update your page with an actual data.
  • 02/02/20 10:51PM - i@xtrust.org
    Yes. Great UI/UX. Easy to use.