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Around 7.7 billion people live on planet Earth - (Apr. 2019). Man is the pinnacle of biological development on this planet and we know of no other more intelligent creature than man. Our brain is the most complex organ in the human body. It contains more than 85 billion interconnected neurons. The type of these connections depends on the information, its quality, quantity and transmission speed. We, people, are all information creators and consumers. Today people have forsaken the value of words... Information is a special type of energy that manifests itself when interacting with a person’s brain. In our case, we analyze man-made information. It can be true or false. Having believed in false information, a man follows an erroneous path... losing his limited time and, as a result, further connections with those who transmitted it...

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A new Trust Seal is helping website owners to show how trustworthy their site, product, and service is. Xtrust provides a set of widgets that help websites to show their customers how trustworthy they are.

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